Eco Energy Services – Free Nest Thermostat & $1,300 Cash Rebates

About the Company

Eco Energy Services has become a leader in home heating and cooling solutions. Eco Energy
provides affordable, energy efficient HVAC systems to help reduce the amount of environmentally harmful emissions created from increased energy use, and to reduce the cost of your monthly utility bill!

What does Eco Energy offer?

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Toronto summers can often be sweltering. With an efficient air conditioning system, you can enjoy low energy costs on even the warmest days of summer. Our central air conditioning system has efficiency dimensions including a 16 SEER rating. Eco Energy Services air
conditioning system is affordable, durable, and offers industry leading home comfort.

Home Furnaces

Over the last two winters, Toronto has had over 70 extreme cold weather warnings. Normally
southern Ontario has average winter temperatures around ­6°C, but recently it’s felt more like
­20°C. Having a reliable heating system is very important when living in cold weather climates.
Eco Energy Services dual stage home furnaces are durable and highly energy efficient. They
operate with up to 96% AFUE and the quiet variable­ speed circular motor enables them to run
much more quietly than older units.

Current Promo!
Get a 96% Dual Stage Energy Star Furnace and 14.5 Seer Air Conditioner with Eco Energy Services and receive $1,300 in CASH REBATES and a FREE Nest Thermostat

Eco Energy Services Nest Thermostat
The Power of Nest
The Nest thermostat learns the temps you like, turns itself down when you’re away, and has remote control through Wi-Fi. It helps you to save even more money on your monthly utility bill.

Eco Energy Services
– 24/7 Priority Service Included
– Free Annual Maintenance
– Reduce your carbon footprint by the equivalent of planting 1100 trees
– CONTACT 1-800-ECO-4233 for more details


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